Dear Aspirants, As all of you know that if you are preparing for exams like, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL,BANK PO, BANK CLERK, IBPS, UPSC or some other state government competitive exam, what is the importance of English Language section. So keeping that in mind we are providing you this English quiz for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO,BANK PO, BANK CLERK,IBPS, UPSC etc. exams. So practice well and perform well.

1. An underhand device resorted to in order to justify misconduct
(A) Subterfuge
(B) Manoeuvre
(C) Stratagem
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) Manoeuvre[/su_spoiler]

2.  Impossible to describe
(A) Miraculous
(B) Ineffable
(C) Stupendous
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]( B) Ineffable [/su_spoiler]

3. One who criticises popular beliefs which he thinks is mistaken or unwise
(A) Philistine
(B) Iconoclast
(C) Imposter
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]( B) Iconoclast[/su_spoiler]

4. Detaining and confining someone
(A) Interruption
(B) Interrogation
(C) Interment
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D)Internment [/su_spoiler]

5. Science of the races of mankind
(A) Genealogy
(B) Epistemology
(C) Ethnology
(D) Sociology
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) Ethnology [/su_spoiler]

6. One who hides away on a ship to obtain a free passage—
(A) Compositor
(B) Stoker
(C) Stowaway
(D) Shipwright
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) Stowaway[/su_spoiler]
[learn_more caption=”ANSWER”](C) Stowaway [/learn_more]

7. Clues available at a scene—
(A) Circumstantial
(B) Derivative
(C) Inferential
(D) Suggestive
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) Circumstantial [/su_spoiler]

8. An unexpected piece of good fortune—
(A) Windfall
(B) Philanthropy
(C) Benevolence
(D) Turnstile
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) Windfall [/su_spoiler]

9. An emolument over and above fixed income or salary—
(A) Honorarium
(B) Sinecure
(C) Perquisite
(D) Prerogative
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) Perquisite [/su_spoiler]

10. The animal of a particular region.
(A) Flora
(B) Museum
(C) Zoo
(D) Fauna
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) Fauna[/su_spoiler]

11.  An involuntary action under a stimulus is described as a
(A) complex
(B) reflex
(C) reflection
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) reflex [/su_spoiler]

12.  A continuous process of change is known as
A) transformation
B) metamorphosis
C) flux
D) Dynamism
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C) flux [/su_spoiler]

13. The use of many words where only a few are necessary
(A) circumlocution
(B) circumspection
(C) circumscription
(D) circumvention
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) circumlocution[/su_spoiler]

14. Circular building or hall with a dome
A) Edifice
B) Palace
C) Rotunda
D) Spire
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C) Rotunda[/su_spoiler]

15. One who is a citizen not of a country but of the world
(A) Bohemian
(B) Cosmopolitan
(C) Philanthropist
(D) Internationalist
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) Cosmopolitan[/su_spoiler]

16. To run away with a lover
(A) Deceive
(B) Cheat
(C) Escape
(D) Elope
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) Elope [/su_spoiler]

17. Science of heredity
(A) Hereditary
(B) Genetics
(C) Genesis
(D) Inheritance
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) Genetics [/su_spoiler]

18. Arrangement in order of occurrence
(A) Timely
(B) Chronological
(C) Chronic
(D) Temporal
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) Chronological[/su_spoiler]

18. Occurring at night
(A) Nightly
(B) Dark
(C) Neurotic
(D) Nocturnal
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) Nocturnal[/su_spoiler]

19. Determine the nature of the disease
(A) Investigate
(B) Determine
(C) Diagnose
(D) Detect
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) Diagnose[/su_spoiler]

20. Person who insists on adherence to formal rules or literary meaning
(A) Scholar
(B) Pedant
(C) Pedagogue
(D) Literalist
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) Pedant [/su_spoiler]

21.Calmness and indifference to suffering
(A) Stoicism
(B) Despair
(C) Agony
(D) Materialism
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) Stoicism [/su_spoiler]

22. The practice of having more than one husband
(A) Polyandry
(B) Polygamy
(C) Bigamy
(D) Debauchery
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) Polyandry[/su_spoiler]

23. Seeing something which is not actually present
(A) Imagination
(B) Presumption
(C) Hallucination
(D) Supposition
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) Hallucination[/su_spoiler]

24. With much liveliness and a sense of purpose
(A) Lousily
(B) Jocularly
(C) Zealously
(D) Jauntily
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) Jauntily[/su_spoiler]

25. Instrument to measure atmospheric pressure.
(A) Metronome
(B) Compass
(C) Pedometer
(D) Barometer
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) Barometer[/su_spoiler]

Directions (26- 30) In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idioms/ Phrase Chose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idioms / phrase.

26. A snail’s pace
(A) To do things very slowly
(B) to walk like a snail
(C) to lack interest in work
(D)to do things in methodical manner
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) To do things very slowly  [/su_spoiler]

27. To turn a deaf ear
(A) To be hard of hearing
(B) to be indifferent
(C) To be attentive
(D) to be obstinate
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) Barometer[/su_spoiler]
[learn_more caption=”ANSWER”](B) to be indifferent [/learn_more]

28. To take to one ‘s heels
(A) To run off
(B) to show one’s heel
(C) To run around
(D) to walk leisurely
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) To run off [/su_spoiler]

29.To have something up one’s sleeves
(A) having practical plan
(B) having an important project
(C) having an ambitious plan
(D) having a secret plan
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) having a secret plan[/su_spoiler]

30. To end in smoke
(A) to have a smoke session
(B) to be on fire
(C) to come to nothing
(D) to burn slowly
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) to come to nothing[/su_spoiler]

Directions (31- 50) In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idioms/ Phrase given in bold in the sentence, chose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idioms / phrase given in bold.

31. As the bomb exploded people ran helter- skelter.
(A) In great fear
(B) In disorderly haste
(C) In haste
(D) In great sorrow
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) In disorderly haste[/su_spoiler]

32. He was progressing by leaps and bounds because of his hard work.
(A) Rapidly
(B) Slowly
(C) Peacefully
(D) Strongly
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) Rapidly[/su_spoiler]

33. Our founder had done a Herculean task constructing this great educational institution.
(A) A work of no worth
(B) An effortless job
(C) A work requiring very great effort
(D) A work requiring very great intelligence
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) A work requiring very great effort[/su_spoiler]

34. My close friend got the sack from his first job recently.
(A) Resigned
(B) Got rid of
(C) Was demoted from
(D) Was dismissed from
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) Was dismissed from[/su_spoiler]

35. I can do no longer put up with her insolence.
(A) Endure
(B) Evade
(C) Suppress
(D) Assume
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) Endure [/su_spoiler]

36. She is a fair weather friend.
(A) A good friend
(B) a friend who meets difficulties calmly
(C) A friend deserts you in difficulties
(D) a favourable friend
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) A friend deserts you in difficulties [/su_spoiler]

37. To die in harness means to die while
(A) riding a horse
(B) in a stable
(C) in a uniform
(D) still in services
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) still in services [/su_spoiler]

38. to keep under wraps means to keep something.
(A) Covered
(B) protected
(C) unpacked
(D) secret
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) secret[/su_spoiler]

39. After independence Indian agriculture rose like a phoenix due to the green Revolution.
(A) with a new life
(B) with a start
(C) with royal gait
(D) with vengeance
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) with a new life [/su_spoiler]

40. His failure at the election has been a sore point with him for a long time.
(A) something which hurts
(B) something that brings fear to
(C) something memorable for
(D) Something pleasurable to
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) something which hurts [/su_spoiler]

41.The student is on the verge of breakdown.
(A) on the brink of
(B) at the outset of
(C)  In the midst of
(D) at the risk of
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) on the brink of[/su_spoiler]

42. My repeated attempts to get refund from the civic authorities were of no avail.

(A) unsuccessful
(B) postponed
(C)  useless
(D) delayed
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C)  useless[/su_spoiler]

43. He was progressing by leaps and bounds because of his hard work.
(A) rapidly
(B) slowly
(C) peacefully
(D) strongly
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) rapidly [/su_spoiler]

44. to emerge out of thin air means to
(A) appear suddenly
(B) descend gradually
(C) fall down quickly
(D) enter from space
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) appear suddenly [/su_spoiler]

45.The news of the accident came as a bolt from the blue.
(A) something unexpected
(B) something unpleasant
(C) something horrible
(D) something unexpected and unpleasant
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) something unexpected and unpleasant [/su_spoiler]

46. The story of the tarin accident as narrated by one of the survivors made my flesh creep.
(A) Thrilled me
(B) horrified me
(C) excited me
(D) frightened me
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) horrified me[/su_spoiler]

47. He has resigned his job and burnt his boats so far as government service is concerned.
(A) felt dejected
(B) Blasted his hopes
(C) ruined himself
(D) left no means of retreat
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](D) left no means of retreat[/su_spoiler]

48. He cannot hold a candle to his elder brother.
(A) equal to
(B) not as clever as
(C) cannot be compared to
(D) duller than
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](C) cannot be compared to[/su_spoiler]

49. The question of higher membership fees was brought up at the last meeting.
(A) discussed at great length.
(B) introduced for discussion
(C) criticized vehemently
(D) vaguely referred to
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](B) introduced for discussion[/su_spoiler]

50. His arguments cut no ice with me.
(A) had no influence on me
(B) did not hurt me
(C) did not benefit me
(D) did not make me proud
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”](A) had no influence on me [/su_spoiler]



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