GK QUIZ part 13

Hello Aspirants, If you are preparing for RRB Group Exams and searching for General Knowledge questions then you have come to the right place. In this post we have complied previous year and some important questions of miscellaneous.

1. Sudden decrease of birth rate would cause
A. Increase in per capital Income
B.  Increase in investment
C. Increase in savings
D. Increase in loan request
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A. Increase in per capital Income [/su_spoiler]

2.  Which one among following is not a fixed capital ?

A. Tools
B. Machines
C.  Building
D.  Money[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D.  Money [/su_spoiler]

3. The per Capital income in India was ₨ 20 in 1857- 68 was ascertained for the first time by
A. Dadabhai Naoroji
B. M G Ranade
C. Gopal Krishan Gokhale
D. R C Dutta

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A. Dadabhai Naoroji[/su_spoiler]

4. Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India ?
A. D Subbarao
B.  Raghuram Rajan
C.  Manmohan Singh
D.  Urjit Patel
[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D.  Urjit Patel[/su_spoiler]

5. Which of the following could cause a decrease in hidden unemployment?
A. An increase in the General level of employment
B. An Increase in the level of cyclical employment
C. An increase in the number of discouraged workers
D.  An increase in the labour force participation rate

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A. An increase in the General level of employment[/su_spoiler]

6. Poverty in less developed countries is largely due to
A. Idleness of its citizens
B. Income inequality
C.  Lack of social activities
D.  Lack of intelligence of the people

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Income inequality[/su_spoiler]

7. Which indicators are used to calculate the Human Development Index (HDI)?
A. Population Growth, per Capita GDP, Life Expectancy
B.  Population Growth, Infant Mortality Rate, Malnutrition
C.  Life Expectancy Educational Attainment per Capita GNP
D.  Current Account Balance, Infant Mortality Rate, Educational Attainment

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C.  Life Expectancy Educational Attainment per Capita GNP[/su_spoiler]

8. What might lead to a reduction of a budget surplus ?
A. An increase in  tax rates
B.  An increase in economic activity
C.  An increase in transfer payments
D.  Privatisation of a public enterprise.

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B.  An increase in economic activity[/su_spoiler]

9. Which of the following is not a type of cheque ?
A.  Crossed cheque
B.  Blank cheque
C.  Speed cheque
D.  Bearer cheque

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C.  Speed cheque[/su_spoiler]

10. The term ‘bull’ and ’bear’ are used in
Planing Commission
B. Stock Exchange
C.  Sales Tax Department
D.  Income tax Department

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Stock Exchange[/su_spoiler]

11. What is the operation Flood ?
A. A scheme to control flood
B. A mission programme of production and distribution of milk
C.  A scheme for distribution of water for irrigation
D.  None of these

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. A mission programme of production and distribution of milk[/su_spoiler]

12. In which year first time Rs 1 coin was made? 

A. 1542
B. 1601
C.  1809
D.  1677

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D.  1677[/su_spoiler]

13. Which of the following is the largest producer of woollen in the world ?
A.  India
B.  Russia
D.  Australia

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D. Australia [/su_spoiler]

14. Who among the following first made economic planning for India?
A.  M N Roy
B.  Dadabhai Naoroji
C.  M Vishveshwarya
D.  Jawaharlal Neharu

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C.  M Vishveshwarya [/su_spoiler]

15. Planned Economy of India’ was written by
A.  M Vishveshwarya
B.  Dadabhai Naoroji
C.  Shriman Narayan
D.  Jawaharlal Nehru

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A.  M Vishveshwarya [/su_spoiler]

16. ‘Bombay Plan’ Plan was prepared in 1943 by
A.  M N Roy
B.  Eight Industrialists
C.  Shriman Narayan
D.  None of these

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B.  Eight Industrialists [/su_spoiler]

17. People’s plan was prepared by
A. Shriman Narayan
B. Jai Prakash Narayan
C.  M N Roy
D.  All of the above

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C.  M N Roy [/su_spoiler]

18. Sarvodaya Plan was prepared by
A.  Jai Prakash Narayan
B.  Mahatma Gandhi
C.  Binoba Bhave
D.  Jawaharlal Nehru

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A.  Jai Prakash Narayan [/su_spoiler]

19. Gandhi Plan was prepared in 1944 by
A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Jawaharlal Nehru
Subhash Chandra Bose
Shriman Narayan

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D.  Shriman Narayan[/su_spoiler]

20. Who was the Chairman of the National Planning Committee set up by the INC in 1938 ?
A.  Jawaharlal Nehru
B.  Mahatma Gandhi
C.  Subhash Chnadra Bose
D.  Vallabh Bhai Patel

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A.  Jawaharlal Nehru [/su_spoiler]

21. Planning Commission of India was established in
A.  1948
B.  1950
C.  1952
D.  1951

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B.  1950 [/su_spoiler]

22. National Development Council (NDC) was constituted in
A.  1948
B.  1950
C.  1952
D.  1947

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C.  1952 [/su_spoiler]

23. Planning in India was started in
A.  1951
B.  1950
C.  1952
D.  None of these

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A.  1951 [/su_spoiler]

24. Which of the following plan period in India is known as ‘Plan Holiday’
A.  1966-69
B.  1962-65
C.  1971-73
D.  1972-75

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A.  1966-69 [/su_spoiler]

25. In the first plan, the highest priority was given to
A.  Industry
B.  Agriculture
C.  Transport
D.  Trade

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B.  Agriculture [/su_spoiler]

26. The concept of welfare state is included in the constitution of India in the
B.Fundamental Duties
C.Directive Principles
D. Fundamental Rights

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C.Directive Principles [/su_spoiler]

27. Panchayti Raj System is implemented first by which State of India?
B.Madhya Pradesh

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B.Madhya Pradesh [/su_spoiler]

28. Joint meeting of both Houses of Parliament is chaired by
A. President of India
B. Speaker of Lok Sabha
C. Prime Minister
D. Vice- President

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Speaker of Lok Sabha [/su_spoiler]

29. The body responsible for making recommendation for distribution of finance between ‘Union’ and States.
A. Pay Commission
B. Finance Commission
Inter –State Council
D. Constitution of India

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Finance Commission [/su_spoiler]

30. Which one among the following is a constitutional  body of India ?
A.Central Bureau of investigation
B.National Intelligence Agency
C.National Human Rights Commission
D.Election Commission of India

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D.Election Commission of India [/su_spoiler]

31. Who is the head of the State executive?
A.The Chief Minister
B.The Governor
C. Cabinet
D. Legislative Assembly

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B.The Governor [/su_spoiler]

32. Which is the part of Parliament of India?
A.Lok Sabha
B.Rajya Sabha
President of India
D. All of the above

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D. All of the above [/su_spoiler]

33. Eighteen Schedule of the Constitution of India deals with
A. Languages
B. Powers of Union and State
C. Finance Commission
D. None of the above

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A. Languages [/su_spoiler]

34.  Chairmen of the State Public Service Commission is appointed by
A. Chief Minister of India
B. Governor of the state
C. Prime Minister
D. President of India

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Governor of the state [/su_spoiler]

35. Who elects the vice – president of India ?
A. Member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
B. Member of Rajya Sabha
C. Elected member of Rajya Sabha
D. None of the above

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A. Member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha [/su_spoiler]

36. What is the maximum member strength of the Lok Sabha in India ?
B. 540
C. 550
D. 552

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D. 552 [/su_spoiler]

37. The municipal Corporation is headed by
A. Chairperson
B. Councillor
C. Mayor
D. Collector

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C. Mayor [/su_spoiler]

38. Who is the Commander of the Armed Forces in India ?
A. President
B. Vice – President
C. Prime Minister
D. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A. President [/su_spoiler]

39. Who of the following President have the longest tenture of Presidential Post ?
A. Dr. Jakir Hussain
B. Dr. S Radhakrishnan
C. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D. V V Giri

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C. Dr. Rajendra Prasad [/su_spoiler]

40. Which of the National Flower of India ?
A. Sunflower
B. Rose
C. Lotus
D. Marigold

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C. Lotus [/su_spoiler]

41. Which of the following country gave the concept of Democracy Government ?
A. Greek
B. British
C. French
D. America

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A. Greek [/su_spoiler]

42. Which of the following is a permanent body ?
A.  Lok Sabha
B.  Rajya Sabha
C.  Legislative Council
D. Both (b) and ( c)

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D. Both (b) and ( c) [/su_spoiler]

43. Which of the following is called the medium level of Panchayati Raj system?
A. Zila Parishad
B. Block Panchayat
C. Panchayat Samiti
D. Gram Sabha

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C. Panchayat Samiti [/su_spoiler]

44. Who is called the Father of Indian Constitution?
A. BN Rao
B. Dr. BR Ambedkar
C. NG Ayanger
D. Dr. Rajendra prasad

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Dr. BR Ambedkar [/su_spoiler]

45. Who appointed the Chief Justice of High Court and other justice of High Court ?
A.  President
B.  Chief Justice of Supreme Court
C.  Associate Governor of State
D.  Associate Chief Minister of State

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]A.  President [/su_spoiler]

46. Chief Secretary of a state is chief of
A. Citizen service
B. Public service
C. Public aim
D. Citizen safety

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Public service [/su_spoiler]

47. Who administers the oath of justice to Supreme Court ?
A. Law Minister
B. Chief Justice of India
C. The President
D. The Prime Minister

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]C. The President [/su_spoiler]

48.  Minister of Lok Sabha comes under the
A. Home Minister
B. Ministry of Parliament affairs
C. The President of India
D. The Speaker of Lok Sabha

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Ministry of Parliament affairs [/su_spoiler]

49. Minimum age required to contest for Presidentship is
A. 25 Yr
B. 21 Yr
C. 30 yr
D. 35 yr

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]D. 35 yr [/su_spoiler]

50.  The Constituent Assembly was set up in
A. Feb. 1946
B. Nov. 1946
C. Feb. 1947
D. Nov. 1947

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy”]B. Nov. 1946 [/su_spoiler]