All Important International Boundary Lines Names: GK Study Material

Important International Boundary Lines
Important International Boundary Lines

Do you know the Names of All Important International Boundary Lines ? If your answer is No then this post is only for you. If you are preparing for competitive exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL or even BANK PO/CLERK then you know that one or two questions always comes from this topic. And it is not very hard to learn  name of these International Boundary Lines. So lets get started –

International Boundary Lines

Radcliffe Line: 

  • It is a demarcation line between India and Pakistan. It was drawn by  Sir Cyril Radcliffe on 17 August 1947 during the partition of India.
Radcliffe Line
Radcliffe Line

McMahon Line:

It is boundary line between India and China more specifically It is between Tibetan region of China and North-east region of India. This boundary line was demarcated by Henry McMahon at the 1914 Simla Convention. But China does not approve the Simla Accord and the McMahon Line. Because according to China Tibet was not a Independent State and for that reason it had no power to Sign ant treaty.
McMahon line

The Line of Actual Control (LAC):

It is an effective military  boundary line between India and China. In 1962 China attacked India and Captured ‘Aksai Chin’ area and in 1963 China declared a ceasefire but did not leave ‘Aksai Chin’ area. Now it is termed as Line of Actual Control or LAC.


The Line of Control ( LOC): 

It is an effective military  boundary line between India and Pakistan.

Durand Line: 

It is demarcation line between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was drawn by Sir Mortimer Durand on 1896. 106 km of this line touches India too.

Besides these International Border Lines, India also shares its border with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar too.

Some More International Boundary Lines

24th Parallel ‐According to Pakistan it is boundary line between India and Pakistan in great Rann of Kutch (Gujarat). However India does not recognize it.

Hindenburg Line- It is a demarcation line between Germany and Poland. During World War- I in March 1917 German soldiers retreated towards this line. And this retreat operation is known as Alberich.

38th Parallel ‐ It is a demarcation line between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). It is also know as  The demilitarized zone (DMZ). Sometimes it is denoted as most dangerous border of the world also.

49th Parallel ‐  It is a  international boundary line between United States of America and Canada. It is the longest official international border between two countries.

Maginot Line – It is a  international boundary line between France and Germany. It   was named after named after André Maginot, who was the French Minister of War in 1930.

17th Parallel ‐ It was the boundary line between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. They reunified on July 2, 1976.

Oder‐Neisse Line- It is a demarcation line between Poland and Germany. It was demarcated after World War – II at the Potsdam Conference.

Mannerheim Line- It is the boundary line between Finland against Russia. It was a defensive line built by Finland during World War.

Siegfrid Line – It is the boundary line between Germany and France. It was built as a section Hindenburg Line by the German Forces during the World War-I. It is also known as West wall.

That’s it. Just read it twice or thrice to memorize names of all international boundary lines and carefully read about LAC and LOC. Because many aspirant got confused when a question comes from these two lines.

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